Creative Director x Producer


Ella has been the driving creative force in our department since day one and has brought everyone along with her for the ride.  She values teamwork and creates a community wherever she goes and when you're a part of that community you feel as if you can conquer the world.   No project is too big for Ella and she has the confidence and knowledge to do so.  Yes, Ella hits her numbers, completing 400+ shoots and approximately 5,000 images, and finishes projects with flying colors, but once you meet her you will realize it is more than that.  Her passion and love for life and its experiences is what makes it a true pleasure to work side by side with her everyday.

Jermey Hayes, Director of Photography Groupon// Photographer for Lands End//Former photoassistant to Nigel Barker


Ella has been one of the strongest visual creatives I have ever had the opportunity to work with.  Her drive, passion, and understanding of creative process is prominent to everyone she interacts with on set.  She stands as a leader with endless resources and visions.  No project is too small or too big, as every project has a succeeding end point in her eyes.  To her bumps in the road are just learning curves to teach you better ways to execute greatness!  Her communication and care to all she comes in contact with just shows the love she has for the creative world.  Working with her for the past few years has been nothing but great, informative, learning experiences.  She has became a very strong mentor in my life and career and anyone that has learned from her would say the same!

Phil Rheinecker, Creative Producer


Ella is one of the most inspiring leaders that I have had the pleasure of working with. She tackles every production with creative ferocity while remaining calm and collected, allowing her team to flourish. She goes above and beyond in her tasks to achieve the goal at hand, all while earning the trust and admiration of those around her. I am thankful to call her a friend and teammate.

Philip Campbell //Photographer - Cinematographer // Lead Photographer Groupon // Founder Skin andBones Magazine // Owner Philip Campbell Studios


I have worked with Ella both in my capacity as the Founder/Design Director at Oak Street Bootmakers and also as the owner of the retail store, Independence.  Ella and I have specifically collaborated on photography projects.  She managed all aspects of the shoots - from the location, to the photographer, to personally styling the looks.  Ella's strength is in understanding the customer, and crafting a vision.  She asks the right questions, and develops engaging concepts.

George Vlagos, Owner/ Founder of Oak Street Bookmakers & Retail Owner Independence


As the Creative Producer at Groupon, Ella was quickly recognized as a person with a strong drive and incredible leadership skills. She stood out amongst her peers by taking ownership of all projects she was assigned. In the first few months of her tenure at Groupon, Ella operationalized not only her position but played a strong role in shaping the new in-house photo studio with her vast experience and deep passion for the field.

Armed with strong communication skills and a positive attitude, she identified problems and executed solutions proactively, allowing the work to flow smoothly through the production stage.

To successfully lead a high-profile project, Ella had to demonstrate interpersonal skills by providing feedback and suggestions to our 20+ weekly freelancers. She is prompt and has a beautiful ability to make everyone on-set at ease. The materials and organization Ella laid out for the studio is the

foundation still used for new teams today as the photography department expands.

I highly recommend Ella as an asset to your company. Ella is an enthusiastic, encouraging, and exceptionally hard-working individual. Her work ethic, on top of her talents, is admirable. I am grateful for all that I have learned from her. Ella is a rare find, and I recommend her very highly and without reservation.

Julie D. Dietz // Art Director of Groupon Photography Studio


Ella's vision and creativity helped us tell our story through photo. A pleasure to work with, hardworking and determined

Jon Schiff Owner & Founder; Real Good Juice


In all my years working at Lily's Talent Agency, Ella Swenson is hands down one of the best clients in the business I have the pleasure of working with.  Ella is a tenacious self-starter, who always has a plan and has built an in-house photo production division for Groupon from the ground up.  Having had the opportunity to witness her skills on set first hand, it is clear that she is a dedicated worker that isn't afraid to roll up her sleeves to make sure a job gets done.  She is the perfect mix of professionalism and thoughtfulness, which accounts for so much in the fast paced environment we often worked in together. Ella would be a tremendous asset to any company that is lucky enough to have her!

Erica Cruz Agent of Lilys Talent


I have worked alongside Ella on many beauty & fashion photo shoots at Groupon. Ella has a strong work ethic and brings a lot of energy and expertise to many aspects of the photoshoots. She has great style and taste and works well pulling the team together to lead them to success.

Ella is my go to creative and producer for fashion & beauty and I just love working with her. She is great to collaborate with and she has helped elevate many marketing campaigns across Groupon.

Holly Williams, Brand Art Director


Ella's warmth and vivaciousness create a prime environment for creatives to perform optimally. She's so thorough with her preparation and planning that sets are always comfortable, efficient and a pleasure to work on.

Jamie Ramsay, Photographer & Food Stylist


"Ella is a creative and experienced leader with casting, hiring, working anddirecting our models.  Your uplifting and dynamic personality made everyone working with you so much more eager as well asfun to work for you. "

Lily Lu, President of Lilys Talent Chicago


"Ella is one of those talents that radiates creativity and leaves a unique embellishment on everything she touches. I love knowing that when I work with her I will always get her honest opinion and her best work. On-shoot I am always impressed by her inventiveness, she can make the blandest dishes look fresh, scrumptious, and desirable. When I am off-shoot my team and I still know when Ella was the director because the results are a night and day difference. Her natural ability to add life and imagination to her work makes her special and invaluable to our brand story." 

Jamie Blass, Art Director Groupon;Food & Drink


"Ella is not just a creative director, she is a creative director who is also a professional food stylist, marketing expertise, and a well organized multi-tasker. Ella has worked on a handful of projects for my company that have created end results displayed on my website homepage and social media platforms. She brings a refreshing new perspective to every project, and creates end results better than I had originally imagined. Ella is the perfect partner for any creative project. "

Regina Klafeta, President & Creator of Nana Cream


I have been a wardrobe stylist working on photo and video sets for many years, Ella is a dream to work with. The way in which she cultivates relationships and truly cares about the individual (be it a freelancer, co worker, model or superior) is a breath of fresh air.She takes the time to understand any issues at hand and deals with them directly in a calm and professional manor.She has an ease about her, yet, on set is authoritative in the most fun way. She always gives clear direction and listens. In terms of her creative skill set; it is on another level. I work with a ton of creative minds and Ella is on the top end of any creative I have ever worked with.

Crystal Moriarty, CWEP

Owner / Creative Director of Halcyon Lifestyle Events 


You want Ella Swenson on your team. Ella is one of the most captivating, excited, professional, warm, and talented people with whom I have had the pleasure of working. She is an incredibly creative woman who makes the people she works with feel as if they are constantly a part of something new and amazing. She knows who she is, what she wants and how to accomplish that. Her ability to meet challenges, rise above adversity, and to see the beauty in all of life’s vicissitudes will take her far in this world.

Amelia Moore,Photographer / Art Director


"Ella Swenson is one of the most passionate and caring clients that I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  Her unwavering commitment to success and quality is only superseded by her impeccable creative eye. An expert in her field, Ella assurances excellence and never disappoints; it’s been nothing but a pleasure working with her.

Andrea Shipp,Agency Director, Modelogic

"I have worked with an array of clients & brands,each of which has challenged me and pushed me to higher creative grounds. My prior and current work experience has been pivotal in becoming cultured in all aspects of the artistic field. My desire is to work with like-minded professionals who are ready to brand, develop and push the boundaries of demanding industries"